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TOKYO-Architecture and Urban Legends TOKYO ELEVEN PARADISE (Pop-up Book)

Tokyo - Architecture and Urban Legends TOKYO ELEVEN PARADISE


  • Published to commemorate the Edo Tokyo Museum's "Tokyo Architecture Exhibition
  • Supervisor: Isamu Yoneyama
  • Editor = Edo-Tokyo Museum + Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum
  • Planning and editorial assistance: Shinya Takagi + Takako Ishida / Flick Studio
  • Book design = Sassy
  • Illustrations by Keiji Ito, UFG
  • Printing: Dai Nippon Printing
  • Publisher: TOTO Shuppan
  • Publication date = November 2001
  • Appearance = A4 size (270 x 210 mm), top binding, 12 pages
  • ISBN = 978-4-88706-203-0
  • List price: 3,143 yen, tax included

I was in charge of the conception, design, and production of the pop-up structure.

[Completion photo (part and all)]

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