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Eco-friendly at home (Web contents / Pop-up Paper craft)

Eco-friendly at home (web content/pop-up + paper craft)

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Content for corporate websites (as part of the expansion of the dissemination of environmental issues)


Download and distribute from corporate websites


A4 size 15 sheets

  1. living room (walls, floor, parts) 4 sheets
  2. bathroom (wall, floor, parts) 3 sheets
  3. kitchen (wall, floor, parts) 3 sheets Garden (Wall/Floor/Parts) 2
  4. front cover + back cover + instructions on how to use the book + 3 character parts


This is a traditional style of pop-up, unfolding book form. Each room is connected to each other for storage and compactness. Designed and engineered for easy crafting and enjoyment at home.

Responsibilities: Conception, design, graphic design, and explanation

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