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Ken-O Expressway Hachioji Minami IC (Pop-up)

Hachioji Minami IC of Ken-O Expressway


Public relations tool for Japan Expressway Public Corporation


To explain to local residents


  • Spread size: approx. 560 x 500 mm
  • Front cover (4/0 pp process) + facing popup (4/0 varnish)


This work was created based on the blueprint data of the expressway (supplied). The diorama is not portable, and it is not possible to make many dioramas, so the popup was the solution.

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I saw the highway drawings for the first time at this time. It's all lines, but it's all black. I started by staring at them to see which lines to use.

Detailed data is provided, and there are two types of patterns: "with" and "without. The work is different.

When I went to the mold making site for this job I remember the scream of the mold maker, "Who the hell designed this? I remember one word that was vividly conveyed to me (a good memory).

This is still simple. I am sorry. But if I were to make a smaller version now, I would change the design.

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