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The 1st FemTech Tokyo

(October 21, 2022)

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From the person in charge of our business partner We are pleased to inform you that we will be unveiling our renewed product line. Exhibition where you can meet companies that support "health" and "activity" of women I went to the "1st FemTech Tokyo". Since we were working only online and by mail, we were not able to meet the person in charge for the first time. This was my first opportunity to meet the person in charge.

**The 1st FemTech Tokyo***.

  • Dates 10/22(Thu) - 22(Sat), 2022 10:00-17:00
  • Venue Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 7
  • Organizer RX Japan K.K.
  • Exhibitors 200 companies

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I visited on a weekday, a business day for companies. I arrived just in the morning.

FemTech is a...

Female+Technology : "FemTech refers to products and services that can solve various issues in women's life stages such as "menstruation/menstruation," "fertility/pregnancy," "pregnancy/postnatal period," and "premenopause/menopause," and is said to be a 5 trillion yen market by 2025.

Femtech(フェムテック)とは | FemtechTokyo



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First point of consideration for this unveiling visit

  • How is it displayed?
  • How will people react when they come to see it?
  • What kind of companies and products are there?
  • Is there anything I might be able to do?
  • What can I learn from this exhibition?

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I'm going to start looking around right away. I have no idea where to stop. I had no idea where to stop by. At any rate, I went to the booth of a customer!


We were able to meet and greet the person in charge of the booth. We were also able to take pictures of the product display.

Everything looked wonderful with a very bright atmosphere.


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When you first contacted me about the project. I was not surprised at anything that came my way. I was shocked after a long time because of the strong impact of the product.

Some of the clinicians who visited our booth said "Wow, this is a great era..." and "Wow, this is a great time...! The clinic staff who visited our booth were also shocked.

We designed and redesigned this The white holder shaped like a flower or a bird that holds the paper cups. It is a white holder shaped like a flower or a bird.

[Product website].

シリンジ法のキット meeta (ミータ)のご紹介 | 妊活ならベビーライフ研究所

夫婦生活を負担に感じるご夫婦に、妊活の選択肢のひとつとしてシリンジ法のキットを提供したいという思いから生まれた「シリンジ法のキット meeta (ミータ)」をご紹介します。

ベビーライフ研究所 | 妊活・妊娠・育活サポート



Take a tour around the venue

I don't know what it's like just by looking at it. I will start with the ones that interest me and ask, "What's this? I will start with the ones that interest me and ask, "What's this? I was impressed by many of them. I was impressed by many of the exhibits. I saw exhibits not only from all over Japan, but also from Korea and other countries.

Anyway, I would like to ask what women can do to make their "painful things" more comfortable and solve their problems. I will do whatever it takes to make them comfortable and solve their problems! The energy of the women was explosive.

(This is the atmosphere of other companies' booths.)

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Roughly, what kind of things were there?

  • Clothing, including underwear
  • Beauty and health food related items
  • Fertility items
  • Online pill prescriptions
  • Nursing care products
  • Controlled medical devices
  • Regenerative medicine related

I want to alleviate my physical discomfort. To prevent major health problems from occurring I want to maintain my health and seek comfort. "I want to be able to do things that used to be difficult with ease and comfort. ... You are working on these things, aren't you?

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Top 3 things I've never heard of before."

  • Things that when you breathe on them, you know you have a risk of breast cancer
  • Female external catheters
  • A kit to test and analyze intestinal flora (intestinal microflora)

Things that I personally care about. There is one that is expensive but inexpensive. I was curious about such a thing, so I wrote it down. It seems to be comfortable.

Magnesium sulfate bath salts that are absorbed into the skin

Dedicated mugwort steaming set

It was interesting to see the variety and range of problems. From the ones that we are trying to solve the problems that are really bothering us to those that are not so much a problem, but something that will help you a lot. but not so much that it's a problem, or that it will be very easy, or that there are things that are comfortable, etc. There were quite a variety of types and ranges.

So many of the designers are uncles. Many of the people involved in paper container design are men.

Also, if you don't combine the out-of-shape design areas. It can become boxy or just functional.

In the production process, there are people who say, "I'll do both design and practical design, I think it is difficult to find people who are willing to do both design and practical design at the same time. It is also difficult to find people who are willing to do both design and practical design at the same time.

In this case, I happen to be a woman, and I think I was just the right person for the job.

See you next time. I heard that there will be a second FemTechTokyo.

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