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box of masks

I have been using the "perforation" on the box of masks sold by the box.

I have never allowed a single day to go by.

I have not forgiven for a single day, but I suddenly couldn't forgive it now, so here it is.

This is.

"If you cut it off and drill a hole in it, you can use it like a tissue."

"You guys can do that, right?"

You guys can do that, can't you?

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Cutting and opening with a cutter carefully along the sewing machine is

It's inexcusable, you idiot, this fake kind of sewing machine.

I used it without drilling holes.

When the contents were getting low, this was also a good idea.

Every time I take it out, I waste energy.

You think you can't do it with all the boxes.

I use this one every day, so it's the worst of the worst.

I am trying to create a comfortable and peaceful world.

The following is what I made by the reaction and reflection of Muri.

  1. first, cut off this unmotivated surface.

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    Suck it up, haha. I'm so sorry, but I'm not going to do it.

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  2. make a cut at the solid line in the figure below.

The dotted line is the fold line of the uncut side of the lid.

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Fold outward from the base at the cutout position.

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  1. cut the insert into a V-shape.

You are useless, too, and you will be defeated. You are useless!

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Cut diagonally at the black line shown below. (on both sides)

The flaps in the way on the left and right sides are also terminated together.

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  1. fold inside the box in the direction of the arrow.

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  2. completion.

To remove, hook your finger in the V-shaped cut hole and open the lid.

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Very satisfied.

That is all.

This should make the world a little more peaceful.

(Any manufacturer interested in developing the design, please let me know)

See you next time.

Have a good day.

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