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Children’s Science in August 2020 is an online festival! Coca-Net! Summer Special Site”

"Kodomo no Kagaku" (Science magazine for elementary and junior high school students), published by Seibundo Shinkosha

Coca-net! Summer Special Site https://summer.kodomonokagaku.com/

During the month of August, exciting science contents and and free research contents are updated every day during August. Honyaplan's "Create with Cardboard! One of Honkaku Secret Base Crafts" by Honyaplan Triangle-shaped Secret Base" is one of the "Honkaku Secret Base Crafts" by Honyaplan.

This base is modeled on the Tipi, a mobile dwelling of the American Indians. Moomin's Snufkin uses a light zelt or a tipi. It seems that it depends on the version of the drawing. (We also made a zelt model, but it is not included in the contents this time.)

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Speaking of things you can do with cardboard... Decorate it with grass branches stones cicada shells paint etc! →It's so cool. The gluing method is...

Use wood glue, duct tape, double-sided tape, etc.

(2) Make two holes in each side and tie them together with a band.

Then I would like you to try stringing strings to make sounds and putting in speakers. When summer is over and fall comes and winter comes... I would like you to make it fuzzy with autumn leaves and dead leaves. It would be wonderful to make a three-dimensional gallery with photos.

It's a bit heavy, but I think it would give the impression of having been made. See you next time.

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