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Drawing AI Shirt

It's been a little while since drawing AI was unleashed on the world.

I wanted to see something I could not imagine as much as possible.

I wanted to see what I couldn't image as much as possible, and "convert the image to text and output it" was one step.

But I managed to use it.

I have a visual that properly breaks down or ignores the image.

I thought it was interesting that the output was so fast.

To AI's "stock of what humans have thought so far",

I put something that I have created, which I have not made public, on the AI's "stock of what humans have thought so far.

It can be destroyed in a good way.

It is similar to putting a ball of paint in a box and shaking it around.

(But it still ends up looking somewhat "that way" like something I feel I know how to do.)

And then, when I look at the disassembled and reconstructed thing...

I feel something strange.

I want to cherish that strange feeling, so I fix it as it is.

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This is a drawing based on an AI-generated image from a photo of a past exhibit.

There were printers, messed up papers, machine parts, typewriters, and many other things.

There are blinded windows, blackout curtains, desks, a small kitchen, and so on.

I saw a window with blinds, a blackout curtain, a desk, a small kitchen, an easy chair, and so on,

It doesn't have a shape, or it doesn't matter what it is, but there is such a room. It is a room like that.

I thought it might be a good idea to make it into a T-shirt, so I did it.

I ordered some samples from a website that makes a variety of T-shirts.

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I'd like to draw a ground spider web or something next, but I might not like the idea of wearing it.

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