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I made an east bag with Tenbundai Tenugui.

nnOur 2nd grade monitor and plan initiator said, "I want to make a bag that travelers carry.

I thought it might be something like an eastern pouch.

I made a prototype using our company's light gray tenugui hand towel (which has been washed a lot and is not new).

When I asked him if he meant this one, he answered correctly.

I tried sewing without cutting the edges of the cloth.

I have no problem using it for myself. (If I were to give it as a gift or sell it, I think I would fold the edges by 7mm...)

The capacity is about the same as a hot spring set or a large two-tiered lunch box.

I think it is about the size of a medium convenience store bag.

It could also hold books or plastic bottles.

By the way, a traveler's luggage compartment is probably

There are two groups of people who used to walk around with this tied to a branch.

or a spiral stitch, or a furoshiki wrapped around like a spring roll.

or tied around the chest (I wonder if this is also the case with the ninja).

For townspeople, two square pieces of luggage made of bamboo, tied together with a string, divided into front and back, and slung over the shoulder.

It would be interesting to see how they would use them.

There are various designs of tobukuro, but this one, which can be made with three folded tenugui towels

I think it's great because it requires fewer steps and is usable in the shortest course.

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