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IKEA mail order packaging

I ordered an IKEA product because I was told that I could buy small items by mail order.

When I received it, I was surprised to find that it was a very oversized packaging. Am@zon's "big box" seems to be cute. The order included a lot of breakables such as tableware and other small items, I had to send them over the mountains to Kofu.... I could hear the staff saying, "Oh my God! I could hear the staff saying, "Oh my God!

I'll just mention one thing. The next picture shows a glass container for oil The next picture is a glass container for oil. See also the size ratio with the makkie.

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Since it is wrapped in a curly roll At first, I had to unwind and reverse the winding until the product came out. But since everything is the crucible packing method, there is no end in sight. I bought about 10 of these, I think.

Yes, everyone who bought oil containers! Push it out toward the top and bottom! (It doesn't just pop out. (It doesn't just pop out. It's more like millimeter by millimeter.)

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I got it. I got it. If you don't need packing material, you can just crush it up and put it out on If you don't want the packing material, you can just crush it up and put it out on the day for recycled paper or miscellaneous paper. []() The kraft paper packing material that you stretch out produces paper dust. And the cross section of the paper touches the paper, so I wonder if there is concern about scratching the paper. The white thin paper is wrapped around the package in two layers with the white thin paper inside. All the breakable items came "wrapped in a circle". Even glasses in a thin cardboard box were packed in a box.

Oh no... Wouldn't it be better to ask someone who specializes in cardboard packing structure to do this? Also, the outer cardboard box is so thin that it should be multi-tiered.

This packing material is interesting, but why use double-tier like this here again...

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Good luck with IKEA mail order! Using paper doesn't mean you're sustainable. (The products themselves are nice! Yellow hand towels are cute!)

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