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Kireteru Paper Craft _National Astronomical Observatory of Japan_Telescope Craft Kit

TMT's paper crafts are now open to the public.

I made a paper craft of TMT, but it is hard to cut the paper, so I made a pre-cut kit. (Incidentally, the data is available at NAOJ website.

The TMT as well as the Nobeyama 45m are newly designed for ease of construction. It would be interesting to compare them with the paper crafts that are available to the public. I would like to make Subaru and Alma, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've included an assembly guide, which you can download from our website, but it will take you about an hour to assemble the pre-cut kits.

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You can see how huge TMT is when you put it side by side with the Nobeyama 45m Radio Telescope Paper Craft of the same scale (1/500). Please assemble both of them and imagine the super huge telescope that will be built higher than the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii and the summit of Mt. For sale in our online store click here

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