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Kodomo no Kagaku_January 2021_Kodomo no Kagaku Kenkyujo

"Greeting Ornament" made with folding dodecahedron

[Children's Science, January 2021]



"Fun Craft Development Site: Kodomo no Kagaku Kenkyujo" is "Greeting Ornaments Made with Foldable Dodecahedrons". Polyhedrons are made using package design techniques.

The point of this project is "It should be a dodecahedron when assembled." This is the point of this project. A pop-up picture book, a box of candy, or a toolbox sold at a home improvement store, You can see it in pop-up picture books, candy boxes, and toolboxes sold at home improvement stores. This is the "folding method" seen in pop-up picture books, candy boxes, and tool boxes sold at home improvement stores. It is a way to reduce the size of products to be mailed to a store or other location. to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. To keep the size of a book within a specified size, or to make it as small as possible. It is a small device that can be seen in industrial products.

This is before assembly. It is a large space, so we use it conveniently to work with.

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Following this journal, we will consider how to use it...

  • Paint and decorate the tree with light-storing spray

  • Make cool sunlight photo works with light-sensitive paper and put them up

  • Decorate the entire surface with beads by gluing and glueing.

  • Put up a calendar with small letters for 12 months.

  • Try to draw patterns like Escher.

  • Draw a picture of congratulations and send it as a New Year's greeting card.

  • Make a polyhedron album by pasting your favorite photos

  • Make your own tent out of cardboard, enlarged enough to accommodate people.

I'm sure there are many things you can do.

Make a foldable tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, etc.

and display them like specimens.

Maybe you are a polyhedron fan!

Well, that's all for today.

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