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"Pit dwelling model" to understand how buildings work

[Children's Science, May 2021]

(https://www.seibundo-shinkosha.net/magazine/kids/57662/ "Kodomo no Kagaku May 2021"), "Fun Craft Development Site Kodomo no Kagaku Kenkyujo" is a "pit dwelling model" that shows how buildings work.

The idea is to complete a paper craft that simplifies a pit dwelling so that the general structure can be understood, and then decorate it in a wonderful way.

This is a photo of the prototype.

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There is a little something I didn't write in this magazine.

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As shown in this figure, there are various types of pit houses. There are three types of pit dwellings: Fuseya A, Fuseya B, and Fuseya C. The model I made this time is a two-story house, The model we made this time is a two-stage Fushiya type. The model we made this time is a two-stage Fushiya style. Four pillars are erected, and beams and girders are placed on the pillars. The process of placing, fitting, and tying beams and girders on top of the pillars is called the "Fuseya C" method.



The part where the side-neck (sasushi) or the ridgepole (munagi) is assembled on top of it,

[Munegi + roofing material]

The part where the rafters are put on top of it. The part where the rafters are hung,

[rafters + roofing material]


You can actually use grass for the roofing material to feel the atmosphere of roofing...! The roofing material is actually made of grass or something like that! The roofing material was made of grass. It seems that not only plants were used, but also soil was used. The transparent polyvinyl chloride board of 0.2mm thickness was used, The inside of the roof was carefully covered with soil, and when you look up from below, you can see the atmosphere of the inside.

The "furnace" in the center is very important. It regulates the humidity and keeps curious animals away, prevent the growth of insects and mold. insects and molds. Besides... The theory that the constant presence of fire may have had a great effect on the maintenance of the mind I could really feel the theory that the constant presence of fire may have had a great effect on the maintenance of the mind.

I thought about studying the structure of architecture and the living environment in the olden days, when people began to build their own houses. When I examine and think about the architectural structures and living environments of long ago I realized that the natural things such as soil, trees, water, temperature, light, darkness, etc., were very close to each other. I think it is quite interesting to gradually understand the ingenuity of those times when we were dealing directly with nature. I think it's quite interesting to learn about the ingenuity of the people we used to deal with directly.

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