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Kodomo no Kagaku: May 2022 Kodomo no Kagaku Seisakujo

"Action Painting"

This time, a desktop action painting device. Continuing from the previous issue, this is an impractical motif.

I would like to make an excuse from the beginning. Personally, I have no illusions about art and artists, such as enjoying dramatic or magical mysteries. I personally have no illusions about art and artists, such as enjoying dramatic or magical mysteries. (I am not trying to give them a sparkling or smelly finish.) (I'm not trying to make it sparkle or smell nice. I think that if I use words like "coincidence" or "unexpectedness", sincere contemporary artists will be offended.

Now, let's see... Here is what you can see in this magazine. (You can enlarge the development by 200%.)

Why is only half of the outer cover made of paper? At first, I used transparent vinyl chloride board for the whole thing, but then I thought it would be hard to tell that it was transparent. But since this magazine is in black and white, I thought it would be difficult to see if it were transparent. If you want to enjoy taking pictures, you might try making it out of paper.

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The next picture is, well, a transparent prototype. Except for the wheels, knobs, and washers all made of transparent vinyl chloride board. The paint tray is wrapped in aluminum foil for testing to prevent paint leakage. (If the development drawing in this magazine is enlarged to 400%, it can be made in this size.)

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Putting paint in the paint tray.

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The outer cover is set in place. The outer cover is set in the gap between the bottom cover and the paint tray.

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It appears to float... The height of the paint tray is adjusted by laying down cardboard.

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The place where I turned it.

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This is what it looks like when you open the top lid. I hope you enjoy the safe evilness of this device.


Idea sketch. Wraps, trays, different paper positions, etc.... The fact that the editorial staff sees this and gives the go-ahead I feel like I'm walking on a knife-edge.

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See you next time.

The article and the development diagram are in the May 2022 issue of Children's Science. Please be sure to purchase a copy.

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