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Kodomo no Kagaku_Nov. 2021_Kodomo no Kagaku Seisakujo

"Confetti pump"

[Children's Science, November 2021]



"Fun Craft Development Site Kodomo no Kagaku Seisakusho" is "Paper Blow Pump". The paper is used to make a three-dimensional bellows structure. The folding process is quite difficult, but don't give up and try to complete it!

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Do your best not to lose heart during the folding process!

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This is a picture before gluing the transparent PVC board.

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It is interesting to see how it flies like popcorn when you put a ball of tissue or copy paper in it in addition to confetti.

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By the way. You may try to make the enlargement of the copy larger (smaller) than specified in the journal.

Oh, I see... When it's bigger (smaller), it means 00... I see...the shape here has to be that shape... I hope you will try it. I hope you will give it a try.

See you next time.

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