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Making a human skeletal model (mini) _Preparation 1

How to complete a human skeletal model (mini)

I will write this article in several parts. In addition to the assembly guide, I hope you will find these photos useful.

  • Prepare the tools

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    There are some things mentioned in the guide that you may not be able to imagine. I'll show you some of the things in the guide that you may not be able to imagine. The photo shows my tools, which are quite old. Choose the one you think is easy to use. From left to right... Olfa cutter with auto-lock (The blade is a special black blade, small BB50K) In-letter remover (for pressing fine creases and crushing burrs) Knock-type pen-type wounding needle (for removing small holes) 1,000-page paper cutter (this is from an unknown manufacturer that my father used, but you can buy one from Amazon, crafts stores, art supply stores, etc.) Tweezers (for vine necks)

  • Remove parts from the sheet.

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The parts are attached to the sheet by a "tuna". If you cut the "tuna" with a cutter and remove the parts No pinched edges are left behind. Large parts can be torn off with a cutter, but small parts may tear. However, there is a risk of tearing small parts. Carefully cut off at the point of the chrysalis.

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Cleanly pull off the small holes.

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All the pieces have been removed.

The sheet has the names of the parts on it. Please keep it.

Next time: Skull

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