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Making a human skeleton model (mini)_Chapter 3: Sternum_Costal cartilage

Continuing from the last issue, here is a human skeletal model (mini).

We will make the sternum + rib cartilage.

We will start with this part.


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  1. is already attached, so we will start with ribs
  2. are already attached, so we will start with the ribs. The mini is the thickness of the paper relative to the size you want to complete. If you open the insertion slit in advance with a thin sheet of paper, you can easily insert the paper. You can easily insert the paper by opening the slit in advance with a staple punch.
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  3. ribs
  4. and ribs
  5. are inserted.
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  6. has just been inserted. Rib.
  7. is already there. Next, ribs
  8. and
  9. It will look like this. In case of mini, if it is hard to insert If it is hard to insert, you can put it on the top. After this is done, turn over and attach the sternum, ribs, and clavicles in this order.

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  10. and collarbone in that order.
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    If it is difficult to assemble, cut the pink line and adjust it.
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    When you have reached this point, apply a small amount of wood glue and close the lid. You can also tape the top.
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    Fold the sternum to make a lid with the sternum. Put some wood glue on the two ears to hold the collarbone. glue on the two ears to hold the collarbone, and fold them.

Now the sternum + rib cartilage part is done. Good work!

Next time: Vertebrae, Ribs

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