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Making a human skeleton model (mini)_Chapter 4: Vertebrae_Ribs

Continuing from the last issue, here is a miniature skeletal model of the human body.

We will make vertebrae and ribs.

[vertebrae -> ribs 12,11]

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Only the side with many slits is assembled!

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Insert rib part #12 into the slit from the bottom.

Next, insert rib part no. 11 !

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View from the back. It is fixed by hooking with a small nail !

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After folding the mountain, we raise it up !

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[rib 10 to 1]

As shown in the photo, starting from 10, glue the ribs so that the numbers on the left and right sides of the ribs overlap. Use glue or other adhesive tape to affix the ribs.

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I've finished pasting all of them!

The front side looks like this!

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Insert from No.10 to No.1 in the same way as No.11 and No.12. (Use tweezers to reach the places you can't reach.)

Is something like when you finish eating grilled fish? Once this process is done, the rest will be easy.

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Next time:

[finishing the vertebrae, connecting the pelvis to the spinal column]

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