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Meiji “Fuji Apollo” box and Yamanashi and Shizuoka

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Fuji Apollo was bought by the "middle man 2" of Honyaplan. (By the way, Watashi is 1)

I wonder if they are making the surface treatment varnish and plate avoiding the product name. Or is it printed on top? The width of the pattern plate is narrow, isn't it? I was talking about this.

Fuji on the Yamanashi side or the Shizuoka side. There is no mention of Yamanashi or Shizuoka. I thought I would ask someone from Shizuoka about it.

The gouge was too shallow for an Osawakuregake, Is it a theory that the gouge was made to look like neither? I was surprised to hear that the gouge was too shallow for an Osawa collapse, Fuji and tea fields on the Yamanashi side. I'm not sure.

I also received a well-done image showing the Yamanashi side on the left and the Shizuoka side on the right. The Yamanashi side is more rugged and mountainous The Shizuoka side is more smooth and looks like it's catching the sea breeze.

This Mt. Fuji Apollo's Mt. Fuji looks like Yamanashi.

After that, we continued to talk about Mt. Fuji from Gotemba, the foot of Mt, The thousand-yen bill is also good from Lake Motosu and Lake Kawaguchi.

Fuji to people from Shizuoka, it is very difficult to get a lot of information about Mt. Fuji, they will come up with a lot of information about Mt. Fuji, even though we have known each other for several decades. Fuji, but I wondered if I had never asked him about Mt. Fuji, or maybe he had not heard much about it.

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But Shizuoka people say, I think people in Yamanashi have stronger feelings about Mt. Fuji, so be careful when you talk about Mt. Fuji, so be careful when you talk about Mt. I see... well...

People in Yamanashi, both people in government offices and people in printing companies, I met people from the government, printing companies, ladies at Yukizuri hot springs, elementary school teachers, and so on, everyone I met. Whenever I asked them something, they would explain it to me, I found him to be "a person with a lot of energy, who explains everything at once. Maybe this is true not only for Mt. If I ask one person I have a feeling that I will be able to gather all the information I need...

By the way, I looked at the inside of the package of Mt, Fuji Apollo, it says that the motif is Red Fuji.

Oh yeah.

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Well, at first glance, I thought the surface treatment pattern was the same as that of the purple pasteboard of Kikyo Shingenmochi... I thought that the pattern of the surface treatment is the same as that of the purple box of Kikyo Shingenmochi... (Not that it matters, but if there was a part-time job for manufacturing these boxes, I'd like to go there...)

I see...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the trouble. But I knew you would write it inside.

It's okay. This is, it's Apollo. The original moto is about space.

Well, the guy in Shizuoka said said, "It should be a picture from directly above."


By the way, the manufacturing plant is in Hokkaido.

Well, that's all for now. Have a good day.

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