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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Kanji T-shirt (white)

Recently, the National Astronomical Observatory item "designed only the Kanji part of the logo"

T-shirts (white) with "only the Kanji part of the logo" of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan items have been selling well.

I don't know why.

I don't know why! Why the Kanji characters in white!

I am not sure why. n

There may be a few left at the University of Tokyo Co-op on Mitaka Campus, but

our stock will run out already.

We can deliver XL and S sizes for now, but

but we will not be able to deliver M and L sizes anytime soon.

It will be summer and we will manufacture additional products.

Please wait a little longer.

(By the way, navy is also available...)

国立天文台 NAOJ漢字 ロゴマーク ヘビーウェイトTシャツ

NAOJ漢字ロゴ ヘヴィーウェイト Tシャツ  国立天文台の漢字ロゴがデザインされたヘヴィーウェイトTシャツです。 ベースにはヘヴィーウェイトの代表格ともいえる5.6オンス生地を採用。Tシャツ選びの重要なポイントとなる「よれない」「透けない」「長持ちする」という3大要素をすべて兼ね備えています。 自然科学研究機構国立天文台著作物利用許諾済 【サイズ】 S・M・L 【カラー】 ネイビー ホワイト【素材】綿100% 身幅 47 52 55 着丈 65 69 73 袖丈 19 20 22 肩幅 42 46 50


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