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Our Yamanashi

The Yamanashi Prefectural Library has a "Yamanashi Related Materials Corner" that I was curious about.

I decided to look for materials on the 100 most famous mountains in Yamanashi.

I stepped into this corner for the first time with a purpose.

Then I came across this donated book.

, written by the Yamanashi Prefecture Elementary and Junior High School Social Studies Research Association.

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I'm wondering if this color-coded map is a city or not.

It seems to be a more deep-seated one.

It suddenly hits me with a thud.

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It's different from the others", "Fujimi-no-Tani", "Bonchi wo Fukimasu", nn.

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Yamanashi is surrounded by strong enemies.

The ▲ mark on "Fuji-san" is just barely in Yamanashi Prefecture.

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The box the lady is packing the peaches in is a wooden box, not cardboard.

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Looks like a woman was using a stepladder to put harvested peaches in a basket.

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Pictures of women taking care of silkworms too.

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Someone looks like an uncle, but I'm a little unsure.

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A woman working on a weaving machine for manufacturing.

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Woman making stamps.

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I'm a woman who does all the calculator manufacturing work too.

Are there things in life that women are better suited or more convenient to do?

What was going on inside each family?

Did aunts and grandmothers take care of the children?

By the way, as of 2023.

The "community work" is the work of uncles.

It is the uncles who gather at the community center. Uncles are called out at festivals and as the head of a clan.

After the festival, it is also the uncles who go to the MUJINKAI.

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I am struck by these concluding words.

West Tokyo."

I've seen titles like "First Things First, Yamanashi" earlier on this page.

It was a very interesting title.

I imagine that he was hit by this in the fourth grade, and his love for his hometown was cut to the core.

I imagine that people around my grandfather's age today were cut down to the core of their love for their hometown.


This is bound to cause the young people to leave.

It means that not one of the 22 principals who made this book thought, "That's not right.

I see. So that's how it is.

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Akitsugu Asakawa.

Try a search...

It will be interesting to see what textbooks our fourth grader will be distributed next year.

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