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Paper Products Detective – Chocolate Fusion Packaging

Paper Products Detective Chocolate Fusion packaging

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Overall picture

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No rich coating varnish or anything. Crumbly. Paper is, of course, foreign and messy. When I hit on this type of paper, I always wish there was a "World Paper Brands and Samples Collection" or something like that. I always wish there was such a thing as a "collection of paper stocks and samples from around the world".

Opening (where it is supposed to be)

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Opposite side of the opening

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Check the structure of the opening.

  • Only a slit in the middle of the face
  • No fold, no perforation

There is no perforator, but you can open it by putting your finger on the slit. and tear it open.

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Opening the package

I'm not sure if "tear it open" was the right answer. If it was correct, it would be one more world of opening the package. I'm excited!

Remove contents

contents !

Contents Biscuits, not cookies


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  • The protrusion can be torn open and inserted into the cut. (The way to open it is "there is no perforation or anything, but pull and tear it open".  (I guess it was no problem to open it by "pulling and tearing, though there is no perforation")
  • Designed to be resealable.

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The name of the product is not quite clear.

On the back: "Chocolate Fusion" (white chocolate biscuit)

Name: Chocolate.

It is not a chocolate candy.

Chocolate confectionery is a "chocolate product in which chocolate dough accounts for less than 60% of the total weight and is combined with other ingredients such as nuts and cookies.

Product name: Original Gourmet cookies&cream fusion chocolate fusion (white chocolate biscuits)Country of origin: TurkeyIncluded quantity: 102gImporter: Eurus Corporation (Kanagawa, Japan)

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