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Prototype of product specifications for Shogi piece polyhedron

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tdk1986's "Shogi Piece Polyhedron".

I have seen your request to sell them at the Shogi Hall, I contacted him and I contacted him and decided to make it to such a specification. What I mean by "such a specification" is not a one-off piece like a craftwork, but a piece of a certain number of pieces in a group of 1000 or 3000 or more. It is not a one-off item like a handicraft, but a certain quantity of 1000 or 3000 or more pieces. It is a form that can be manufactured in the same finish and delivered to a large number of people. We are looking for a way to produce a certain amount of products with the same finish and deliver them to a large number of people.

tdk1986 your blueprints are connected to one another.

We will figure out how to do this. Regarding paper beveling, assuming we don't also reduce the size of the Can it be die cut or laser cut for efficiency, In terms of the delivery format, the cost of postage, ease of handling and storage at the time of delivery, Is there less chance of damage or failure when assembling the product? We also consider the workability of the assembly process.

We then developed a puzzle form of six pieces of the same size, arranged side by side, and made it into a puzzle. We made a prototype with the cooperation of a printing company, using a special synthetic paper.

This synthetic paper is not susceptible to tearing or peeling, (This is not the kind of paper used in elections.) It feels secure when assembled, and the crackling is interesting. Also, it's waterproof, so it's safe to assemble in the bath. Even if your hands are sweaty. It doesn't get squishy even if you hold it with sweaty hands. Of course, you can do it with ordinary paperboard. But not in the bathtub.

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You can assemble it from anywhere. But, I think it is better to mark the position of the inserts so that you can assemble I think it is better to mark the insertion points so that the product can be assembled as shown in the original blueprints. I think the shape of the product is finished.

The next step is graphic design, The next step is graphic design. The next step is the graphic design, which should be a design that makes sense to print. An assembly diagram will also be necessary. And packaging. When you can see it, you can attack the Shogi Hall. I don't mind if we go from the front, If anyone has strong contacts in the Shogi Hall, please raise your hand.

By the way, this is the first white sample. The original design was hand-held size.

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