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Review the destructive power of Showa wrapping paper

I bought a used book from Amazon.

It arrived wrapped in a thin wrapping paper with an illustration of a rose printed on it.

(A Click Post slip was attached to it.)

Come to think of it, last year I had an acquaintance

I got a Gundam plastic model wrapped in wrapping paper with an illustration of a rose printed on it.

At that time, too, I got a funny little giggle.

Oh well, what in the world is this?

It turns over when it comes in a rose.

A piece of paper is extraordinary.

I kind of want one myself.

![](https://shimojima.jp/shop/pages/heiko.aspx?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=adw&gclid=CjwKCAiAr4GgBhBFEiwAgwORrWSKZ4 lr9Cu3NaGXmN1xcWRVnnkjkgPuBao1TLTqnxGWk__w-nwUYBoC3GsQAvD_BwE)

The wrapping paper in the photo would be this.

Half-size 757x530, fine quality 60g/m2 GS Rose, 100 sheets per pack


There is also a newspaper-like one that was used when I bought some art materials somewhere.

Half-size 757x530 pure white roll 47.2g/m2 feather initials 100 sheets per pack

This is quite a strong pull, since it remains in my memory.

The famous "Stop Pail" has been made into various goods.


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