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Sample photos of paper TMT

Sample photos of paper TMT

Good morning. Today, the cat has knocked me up again, and it is said to be snowing now. The cat is quietly pecking away as I push her into the futon.

Once it wakes up, the imaginary room comes out in a whimper. An imaginary air worker starts doing all sorts of things. Then the air Adobe sketch starts up, and finally the air irrale starts up. It gets busier and busier, so I get up. (I have to take a good look at this worker's room.)

Well, this is turning into a series of things that can be found on a hard disk. This time, the first sample of paper TMT.

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The copy paper with the drawing of the beginning of the production is also saved. I can make a feature article called "How Styrene TMT was made", but it would be too complicated. I could write a feature article that would be rather lengthy, but This is the end of the process.

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TMT drawings do not yet exist and were made by The ・Craftsman Into the stiff 3D CAD data My air worker enters holding his breath. Captain~. There are too many lines in the data. can't see themsaid voice. The computer is too heavy and the data doesn't move smoothly. I don't know how to operate the CAD system.

thought "This is bad idea The air worker said "I can see it it's fine. Then they disassemble the structure look for working parts measure all the angles and make deployment diagram of the head. I measured all the angles made development plan in my head and drew it in illustrator (not CAD). (and draw it with illustrator (not CAD). I did this tremendous number of times.

I made a small number of color copies of this design. I need to record that too.

It's snowing! That's enough for today. See you next time.

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