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To grade 1, explain the clock2

To grade 1, explain the clock (part 2).

Continuing from the first part here is the second part. This time we'll look at clocks with depth. The "minutes" look different from the "hours". The "bounce" of the clock looks like meter which is quite nice. Stand the clock up like this. ↓↓↓↓↓

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From 20 to 40 minutes, the letters are opposite from the bottom. You can reflect the letters if you want. I would probably want to spin it around and play with it, so I left this one as it is. It will look like a hybrid when I combine it with the next flower shape! Maybe.

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By the way. The laminated material used in this sample is The thickness of the cardboard is about 1mm. about the thickness of a corrugated cardboard envelope.

The blue one is a split pin. It is possible to make split pins with paper alone, but (Recently, the color split-pin boom has been going on. (Recently, there has been a color split-pin boom.)

The transparent part is a 2 mm thick PVC board. (It can be cut with a cutter.)

For the needle, cut and paste a printed out sheet of paper. For the meter, the lines are drawn straight with the thinner side of the makki.

The "hour" (short hand) is not made by folding the PVC board into an L-shape. It goes around flat (on a 2-dimensional board). It is the same as the usual clock, but the lines are drawn with a makki. It turns comfortably when a washer is inserted.

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This is what the backside looks like. It looks like an old wooden bathtub. A dodecagonal board is inserted and glued.

That's enough for today.

If you want to make 700,000 copies of this kind of thing, please contact me and we will probably finish it in a mach. I look forward to working with you.

See you next time.

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