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What is Space Beer?

Summer 2021, Honyaplan learned of "Space Beer".

In Hokuto City, Yamanashi, Japan We are aiming for a fun, love & peace world with hops and craft beer and that it will be a great success!

https://uchubrew.shop-pro.jp/ Oh, webshop is sold out!

It's delicious and And the explanation on the label? is a little bit crazy, so I support it. I support it. Well, people read this when they are drunk or about to be drunk. Or, people who are trying to get drunk read this. But this is serious. I'm sure this guy likes wrestling. Textual descriptions such as labels are the area where the production is the most shaky, but the free space is the area where we don't waste a single drop. But the free space is used without wasting a single drop, and I think it's a good idea. This is the wording of the triple IPA.

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I just had an empty bottle of METATRON to cover the bottle neck sample. I took a picture of it.

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I just wanted to try it. I know that I should use waterproof paper in such a case. I know what I'm doing, so please leave me alone.

I mean, coasters are made of paper, too...

They have a deep feeling of nostalgia, even if they absorb water...

Then I just found out. There's PDF data for promotional tools!" https://uchubrewing.com/tool/ UCHU Brewing logo is ai available! Oh wow...

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I'm so excited. See you next time.

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