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When paper products and e-commerce sites get along Part 1

"I'm going to have a comfortable and convenient store"

I've been doing it the analog way so far, but I still want to sell products and blog on the web. But you still want to sell products and write blogs on the web, We are offering a set of packaging, paper goods, and e-commerce site, We are pleased to offer a set of packaging, paper goods, and an e-commerce site.

[I want to fix my packaging].

I want to make my operation easier to wrap the products I want to sell (by myself). I don't want to waste time and energy wrapping things up in wrapping paper. I want to make it look better. You want to make your products available for delivery via the Internet. You want an original design, but don't want to spend too much on packaging. In such cases, we have boxes like this one, for example.

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[production copies matter]

The photo (above) is a white sample made by honyaplan, which we made a prototype of upon request. Even for a simple packaging box like this In the case of a simple packaging box like this, if it is to be processed by machine or by hand, it is necessary to make a large number of copies. If you do not make a lot of boxes, the unit price per box will be high. the unit price of the box will be high. However, if a small shop owner wants to make a lot of boxes, he or she needs to make a lot, If many small store owners gather together, they can save money on the cost of molds if the molds used are the same. If the molds used for the boxes are the same, the cost of the molds can be saved.

However, it is possible to make even a very small number of boxes, We can make even a very small number of copies, but we will use an on-demand cutter or laser cutter instead of a die cutter. or laser cutting instead of die cutting. It is still relatively expensive.

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There is a lot to think about, but it's mostly set in stone.

Size and weight of the product Watery or dry? What season you want to sell How can we reduce the cost of postage What kind of paper do you use How you want the product to be taken out of the box Do you want to add extras or cards? etc. etc. etc. etc.

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[just the right size]

For example, this box is This box, for example, was made to hold side dishes, but when I put 300g of rice in it but when we put 300g of rice in it, it is just right. It is 150 grams per pound, which is enough for two cups of rice. It is just right for a gift of delicious rice. Beans would also work well.

[with e-commerce site]

EC site and around packaging, we have different things to do. We have to take care of both of them separately. We have to have a lot of meetings. That's why I want them to have a single point of contact even though they do different things! I know, right?

Honyaplan is We offer a single point of contact for your e-commerce site and packaging needs. We can provide you with a website that you can update by yourself. (We can accept only boxes or only an e-commerce site)

If you are interested, please contact us.

Here is our e-mail address. [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Next time: When paper goods and e-commerce sites get along

[part 2]

I want to send it by Click Post."

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